Maintaining a Positive Culture

Integrity and Honesty

key strategies medallionAll of our business activities will be performed with integrity and honesty. This is a core principle of our company.

Quality and Value

We are committed to providing the highest value products and services. Our quality will meet and often exceed industry standards while maintaining affordability.

Win-Win Relationship

We are committed to win-win relationships.
If a deal cannot be structured that allows all parties to win, we will avoid making that deal. All parties include the company’s customers, employees, vendors, and owners. We believe that all win-win relationships are based on mutual trust, respect, and accountability.


Our best leaders serve those they work with. They strive to improve the lives, skills, and opportunities of those working with them through continuous training, coaching, encouraging, and mentoring.

Positive Workplace

We are committed to providing a positive, challenging, and rewarding work place. We encourage high quality/high value production that is fulfilling and enjoyable for our employees.

Open Communication

We are committed to and encourage open and honest communication between employees, management, customers, and vendors. We believe a majority of problems can be avoided or resolved with open and honest communication.

Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is an essential trait required of all company associates. This allows for a more open, self and team directed environment, rather than a heavily supervised and controlled environment.

We’re Looking for the Best Talent on the Planet

Open Positions
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