A long History of Craftsmanship

Villara Corporation started in the garage of Del Beutler’s home in 1947. Del honed his skills as a sheet metal specialist for two years in the U.S. Navy. After spending a year working for a local sheet metal shop, he then went on to obtain his own contractors license.
Realizing the post-war housing boom promised great prosperity, Del concentrated on central air conditioning systems and ducting for tract homes and commercial building projects. As the demand for home cooling systems increased Del Beutler became an innovator.
The first air conditioning units were water cooled, but proved to be too complex for the time. When finally air cooled systems were introduced an entire industry was born. Del then began working to improve the efficiency of the AC unit fans, ducting, vents and insulation. Always developing something new, Del created a think tank atmosphere for his employees.
Over seven decades and more than 200,000 home cooling system installations later, Villara Building Systems has been the standard for excellence in the HVAC trade for more than 65 years. Gary Beutler is now Chairman of the Board of his father’s company. Rick Wylie, President, is a talented engineer and inventor who spearheads the drive for new and better products. Under their guidance, Del Beutler’s vision has become one of the largest heating and air companies in the United States with four locations throughout Northern California including the 600,000 square foot main office in Sacramento, CA.

 Other Products Designed, Patented, and Manufactured by Villara

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This system converts a standard single heating and cooling unit into an intelligent comfort control system with two zones. The ZTE provides independent temperature control with a thermostat in each zone. This automatically balances the temperatures between floors in two story homes during the heating cycle by recycling hot air from up stairs down to the bottom floor. The furnace is off during this recycling period using only the energy from the fan.
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 This system works with a standard heating and cooling system to automatically circulate fresh filtered outside air throughout the home. The SmartVent system can work with all the windows and doors completely closed for added comfort and security. Perfect for those cool summer nights.

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