AquaChill. Simply the coolest!

Designed for hot climates!
Standard central air conditioning systems are designed to keep your home cool when it’s 82°-95°, but AquaChill is designed to keep your home cool even when the temperature gets well past the 95° mark.

It’s not a swamp cooler.
Unlike swamp coolers that add moisture to the air in your home, AquaChill simply uses water to pre-cool the refrigeration coils. No moisture is added into the home, eliminating the possibility of mold, mildew and other bacterial issues that can be created by excess moisture. We still use air to cool the coil like every other air conditioning unit, we simply spray it with water first!

What the experts say about AquaChill.
Put to the test by the U.S. Department of Energy, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Southern California Edison, Davis Energy Group & Western Cooling Efficiency Center, findings show AquaChill offers unparalleled performance with superior cooling abilities over traditional air conditioning units in hot climate areas.

Research Results

“Over the course of a typical hot summer, the evaporative cooling unit will cut approximately $1,100 bill to less than $600 all while making a big impact on the environment”
Southern California Edison

“Allows for higher operating efficiencies than their air-cooled high efficiency counterparts…”
U.S. Department of Energy


“Operated smoothly with no known major reliability problem”
Sacramento Municipal Utility District


“The performance of this evaporatively cooled condensing unit shows significant energy savings over similar air-cooled condensing technology of the same capacity” 
Southern California Edison
“The lab and field tests demonstrate the benefits of evaporative condenser technology in regards to energy efficiency and longevity.”

American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy



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