Manufacturing Supervisor

  • Location: McClellan
  • Recruiter: Rhonda Godinez
  • Email:
  • Description:   Turn production plans, labor, and materials into high quality energy products by leading the production team and without compromising safety. Objectives
    1. Prevent accidents and injuries
    2. Maximize product quality and consistency
    3. Minimize the cost of transforming materials into finished goods
    1. Supervise the manufacturing personnel and processes
    2. Develop and maintain standard process documentation
    3. Train and develop production personnel
    4. Continuously improve processes and tools
    5. Educate and support installers
    6. Provide input into production schedules (quarterly, weekly, daily)
    7. Provide input into product design and development
    Key Competencies
    1. Strong knowledge of solar and battery technology (e.g., grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid)
    2. Strong knowledge of residential electrical systems
    3. Intelligent, adaptive, and teachable. Willing to accept constant feedback and continually improve.
    4. Ability to remain calm and handle stress well
    5. Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
    6. Proficient in building rapport with team members, vendors, and other key stakeholders
    7. Follows up and follows through
    8. Focused on results
    9. Convey complicated information in written and verbal communication that is simple, clear, concise, professional, and friendly
    10. Solid organization skills and attention to detail
    11. Strive to reach your full potential. Everyone is expected to grow and improve.

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