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Good morning Apprentices,

For the Health, Safety, and Well Being of our apprentices and staff the Villara Apprenticeship School Board has made the decision to further postpone the resumption of classes.

It is the hope of the administrators that we can resume classes after the shelter in place orders are lifted and still complete the academic year in September before the fall semester begins.

In the interim you will continue to accrue O.J.T. work process hours for any hours you work so please continue to fill out your Blue Books to track your hours.

You will also retain all of the classroom hours you have for related instruction. In the meantime DO NOT LOGIN TO CLASSES until instructed to do so.

During this time we will work with you to continue to develop and expand your skills, if you are interested. We encourage you to think about the next few weeks as a time of family bonding, and personal development.

Our Career Development Counselor will work to identify career learning opportunities for all interested employees, and we encourage you to taske advantage of this opportunity, strictly on a voluntary basis.

Contact Cameron McHenry or Mike Willmon for more information.

Check in on our “Villara’s Covid-19 Response webpage periodically to keep up with new developments and to post any questions you may have HERE

Or visit the Villara apprenticeship page HERE


What to Download


In an effort to reduce employees possible exposure to illness at this time apprenticeship classes will be attended remotely until further notice.

In the coming days Villara’s I.T. department will be ‘Pushing’ an app to company issued phones. The app, known as “Pexip” will show up in your notifications and ask for permission to be downloaded to your phone.

You must grant permission in order for the app to download. After the app is on your phone you will be able to log in to class remotely.

The apps icon appearing to the right will help you select the correct app.

Use the following link for a more detailed description of the download and login process for both iOS and Android,


Once the app is loaded on your phone you can access the class session by opening the app and entering the code 81397425 to login to room 100 at the scheduled time

If you don’t have a company issued phone you can find the app in the app store and download it to your phone so you can participate in classes remotely.



Another app we will be using is Canvas to administer quizzes

The I.T. department will be pushing that app out to company phones as well, If you don’t have a company issued phone you can search for it in the app store or use this link for more information,


Look for GoCanvas  and load it to your phone.

When logging in for the first time make sure you do not choose Free Trial, An account is being created for you using your company email address or the email address you provided to us previously. Your initial password will be 123456, you will need to change it the first time you log in to keep your account secure.

While participating in class sessions using these apps make sure you are connected to Wifi and not using your data plan or the data plan on the company phone as sit will slow down the feed and make the Polycom system not support the session. If the Polycom servers do not support the session we may need to extend classes into the summer.

Classes will resume according to the following schedule:

  1. Monday mechanical class, resumption of class on March 30.
  2. Tuesday 2nd year plumbing, resumption of class on March 31.
  3. Wednesday 3rd year project management class, resumption of class on April 1.
  4. Thursday 2nd year HVAC class, resumption of class on April 2.
  5. Friday advanced plumbing class, resumption of class on April 3.
  6. Friday advanced HVAC class, resumption of class on April 3

The first class will consist of verifying everyone has access to the to the correct apps and is able to use them effectively to attend class remotely.







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