Title 24 ComplianceGuidance and Cost Effective Solutions

In our role as energy consultants, Villara provides home builders with Title-24 compliance guidance. We analyze project plans with an eye towards reducing building costs, minimizing long-term energy costs, and conforming to Title-24 compliance standards. Only after this analysis is complete does Villara submit its proposal for the most cost-effective solution.

Help Through Certification and Inspections

Not only does Villara provide consulting and engineering plans that are Title-24 compliant, we also help builders through the certification process to ensure that individual homes or entire residential developments pass the inspection hurdles necessary for compliance.

Leading the Way In Home Energy Conservation

As an industry leader, Villara has worked closely with the California Energy Commission since 1983, pioneering a line of products designed to enhance energy efficiency and interior comfort when coupled with standard residential HVAC systems. These include Villara’s SmartVent and Zoned Thermal Equalizer.

Villara currently participates with the State of California and the Davis Energy Group on several energy-related research projects. The consortium’s goal is to improve residential comfort while reducing energy consumption. Villara is also a consultant for energy conservation with the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD) and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E).


For more information about Villara’s Title-24 compliance, contact us.

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