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“We just received our second True Up bill from PG&E ending our second year of being on the Villara installed solar system. I thought that you would enjoy seeing those numbers and hearing from a VERY satisfied customer!

At the end of our first year of solar assisted power, our first True Up bill in August of 2018 was $350.35. This year at the end of the second year of solar-assisted power our True Up bill is $296.11. We did change out our old single-pane double-hung windows to quality dual pane vinyl frame windows which probably made that difference.

When you boil all of this down Curt, our TOTAL PG&E bill for one full year ending the end of July, 2019, was $327.13.


Before we went with Villara Solar we were on PG&E’s “Balanced Payment Plan”, where they average your annual usage and you pay the same amount every month no matter what your actual usage was, our monthly payment was $198 every month. Basically $2,400 a year for PG&E.

Now, with this wonderful solar system engineered and installed by Villara, our bill is well under $400 a year. A savings of $2000 each and every year. That is just amazing to me Curt!

I use these figures to show interested friends just how much they could be saving if they go solar, and make sure they understand the difference between fly-by-night installers and Villara.

And speaking of interested friends, we are talking to another couple who may be interested in going with Villara for a solar install. A full purchase of the system. Will keep you in the loop.”

– Scott & Wendy from Lake County




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