Recruiting Supervisor

Hello!  My name is Rico Bradley, and I’m the Recruiting Supervisor at Villara.

I’m so glad to be working with you at Villara. I’m also thrilled that Villara loves to hire friends and family! If you know of anyone you’d like to refer, either send me their info or let them know to ask for me when they call or stop by.

As a Villara employee, you probably know that you can earn up to $500 through our employee referral program, which is pretty cool. But if you’re like me, the bigger win is helping the people I care about find a great place to work.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Rico Bradley
Recruiting Supervisor



Referral Program Rules

The Villara Referral Program is an enhancement to the existing referral program we already have in place. This new version of our referral program now provides you with some specific ideas, simple suggestions and custom resources on how you can take advantage of making extra money.

1. Who can participate?

Every Villara Employee except:

  • Senior Management (ELT’s)
  • Recruiters and Hiring Managers (HR)
  • Temporary employees and contractors


2. Who would be a good candidate to refer?

Existing employees make great employee referrals because they know the type of work and expectations needed to get the job done as well as the work ethic of their referral.

  • At least 18 yrs. old
  • Eligible to work in the US
  • Reliable source of transportation
  • Valid Driver’s License (for some positions)
  • Able to pass a Drug Test


3. How to pass along your referrals:

  • Now Hiring Cards: We have created cards that you can use to hand out to prospects that you believe would be a great fit. These cards will help ensure you get credit for your referrals and direct them to our careers site to view current openings. These cards are available to you and all you need to do is ask an HR Representative for some.
  • Employee Referral Landing Page: villara.com/team-villara/

Go to this page and enter your referral’s information and HR will do the rest.


4. Where to find a list of Current Openings:

  • Villara Careers Page villara.com/careers/
  • Company e-mail listing featured positions (office employees)
  • Always open the envelope with your paycheck to view FEATURED Positions (for Field and Plant employees.


5. Show me the Money!

  • Referral rewards will be paid out to the referrer after 90 days of the date we hired the referral. There is no cap on the number of referrals an employee can refer. Referral amounts vary from $100-$750 and higher depending on the position. All rewards will be paid accordingly.
  • If two or more employees refer the same candidate, the referral rewards will be split.

We’re Looking for the Best Talent on the Planet

Open Positions
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