From Beutler to Villara

Beutler name change

We have exciting news to share, and it starts with a long story, so you might want to grab a chair and a cup of coffee!

In Spring 2015 we decided that it was time to change our name, and we want to share with you why.

Why change our name?

In 2000 we were in the middle of the worst recession our industry has experienced in our lifetimes. Our company had lost over 80% of its business, and it is a great testament to every employee that was with us that we were able to survive this catastrophic business decline.  At that time we were approached by a national company (ARS) with interest in acquiring our residential paid service and replacement business, along with the rights to continue to use the Beutler name in the acquired portion of the business. After prolonged negotiations and thoughtful consideration, we did sell that part of our business on July 7, 2010. In the end, the price that this very motivated buyer offered allowed us to weather the rest of the “Great Recession” with much less damage to our employees and the business than had we retained this small part of our business.

For the first couple of years, we had a positive business relationship with ARS that was mutually rewarding: we were their contract installer; they were the paid service and sales agency. However, after that time they built their own installation team, and our daily relationship waned.

An additional part of our agreement prevented us from competing with them in this market for 5 years, so we also could not provide after-warranty maintenance and service to our new homeowner customers. The customers became more and more confused as to “who is Beutler”, and became more frustrated as they discovered that “they” were not “us”, and they were not as pleased with their service and approach. This has led to increasing challenges for our builder customers, as upset homeowners call them to complain about how much “Beutler” was going to charge them to repair a very new system that “they” installed.

While our 5 year no compete agreement expired in 2015, the agreement prevented us from ever providing services to our post-warranty homeowners under the “Beutler” name, so this in and of itself strongly encouraged us to change our name.

We also felt it was a great time to pause and reflect on where we’d come from in our 68 year history, and where we wanted to go in our next 68 years. We wanted our new name and brand to best represent us as our Company was in 2015 and into the future.

We were founded by Del Beutler in 1947 as a small family sheet metal contracting business, working out of his home workshop in Carmichael. We are still a family business, but it is a large group of families working together now, rather than a single family.  We still do sheet metal, but even that has become more about “HVAC” than just sheet metal. We’ve also added a number of other trades to the mix: we feel like we are now “Building People” rather than only “Sheet Metal or Air Conditioning People”. Our business focuses on the Single and Multi-Family Residential, Commercial, new construction and replacement markets. We are now one of the largest providers of residential Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler systems in Northern California. We also provide low voltage and home automation systems, Solar PV and Thermal systems, and Title 24 and Mechanical Engineering services for our builder-customers. And we now even manufacture air conditioners and unique control systems, like AquaChill, ZTE zoning and SmartVent systems.

In 2015 we were operating out of 5 different locations throughout Northern California, with occasional jobs throughout the whole state, with over 600 employees. And we continue to be open to new business opportunities, and to be “leading the charge” when it comes to adapting our business to an ever-changing global market place.

So with that backdrop, the question became how do we capture and portray that in our new name and brand?

In searching for and selecting our new name, we wanted a name that is:

  • “open and undefined”. “Open” meaning it was not already used by others in the marketplace, and “undefined” meaning that it doesn’t tend to describe who we are or what we do: we want our actions and company culture to define us, rather than our name.
  • unique, friendly, and easy to learn.

While our new name was designed to be “undefined”, we chose to incorporate a “positioning tag-line” that describes who we are and ascribe to be. This tag-line can be modified in the future as our business and needs change, and we can use different tag-lines for our different business divisions, if necessary.

Drum roll, please: The name and tag-line we selected is…

Villara Building Systems

Building People, Building Trust.

If you ask “What is Villara?”, then we’ve obviously met our first goal of an “undefined” name, right? But technically, Villara is an adaptation of the Latin word “Villa”, which is “A delightful residence, especially one in the country or suburbs maintained as a retreat”. We believe that this name has a nice correlation with our predominant business market, which is new home mechanical systems’ installation.

“Building People” has an intentionally double meaning: we are Building People: we are people involved in the building industry, and, we are Building People. We believe our most essential activity is to recruit, train, develop, and reward the very best people who are committed to our vision and our mission, which is first, to “Build People” who are passionately involved in “Building Trust” with our customers.

We will then actually “Build Trust” with our customers, which will naturally support a growing and profitable business, which will allow us to fund the virtuous cycle of recruiting, developing, and rewarding the best people in the marketplace.

We hope you are as excited about this clear expansion of our long-held “promote from within” philosophy and its implications for each and every one of you. We look forward to working together and individually to continually accomplish this goal of developing, promoting, and rewarding our employees.


Rick Wylie

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