Sacramento’s unbearably hot days get to all of us, and in preparation for them you should know your Air conditioner has been well maintained and will function properly. Villara can insure your AC is functioning as efficiently as possible. Even if we did not install the equipment, Villara will make unbiased repair and/or replacement recommendations that best fit your needs. Whether your unit recently died, or you need annual maintenance we have 24/7 Customer Support available. Give us a call and let our technicians take a look, so you can rest easy, know your home has been taken care of.

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Air Conditioning Services

A/C systems redistribute cool air throughout your home, while also helping to filter the air as well. With sweltering Sacramento summers expected annually, an efficient dependable A/C unit is a must and our installers are ready to insure yours is installed and operable before the summer heat hits.

Air ducts are large tubes that bring and deliver temperature treated air throughout your home. They are an important part of A/C and heating systems, but damaged ducts can increase your monthly costs, and negatively affect the quality of air in your home. When artifacts or debris get lodged in the ducts the air can get backed up and forces the system to work harder than it should. If you feel that there is an issue with your air ducts please call to schedule an appointment today.

Ductless systems are made up of two parts, an indoor unit to control the climate and an outdoor compressor. These systems generally have lower energy costs and save space within the structure of your home because they focus on climate control for certain areas as needed. This makes ductless units convenient for residential homes as well as commercial spaces such as office buildings.

When summer arrives A/C units are working overtime, they need to be serviced and repaired occasionally. Getting your AC serviced or checked regularly helps prevent the need for more large scale, costly repairs. We are here to help if you feel that your AC needs to be examined or if you know it needs to be repaired.

Thermostats regulate temperature in homes, but sometimes they do not control the temperature the way they are intended. Locking up, staying or swinging back and forth from uncomfortable temperatures, these can be indicators your thermostat may be in need of repair. If you are having an issue with your thermostat we are here to assist you, with any servicing or repairs you may require.

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