AquaChill Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

How to “shut-down” your AquaChill at the end of the air conditioning season. 
1. Turn off the thermostat.
2. Turn off the electricity to the central air conditioning system using the wall mounted disconnect.
3. Turn off the water supply valve.
4. Remove the sump drain cap. Rinse off the intake screens, flush the base pan and the pump screens.
5. Leave the drain cap removed so the pan drains throughout the winter.
How to “start-up” your AquaChill at the beginning of the air conditioning season.


Check the following and adjust, clean or replace as needed.
1. Rinse intake screens from the inside out.
2. Rinse out base to remove debris and minerals.
3. Install sump drain cap and tighten until it is firmly seated.
4. Turn on water supply valve.
5. Check water level (should be 5″ deep) and make sure unit is level. Adjust float if needed.
6. Turn on electrical wall disconnect.

7. Turn unit on by lowering the temperature setting several degrees below the actual room temperature.


 For more information please refer to the Homeowner’s Operation Manual.

CAUTION:  Wear gloves and safety glasses when performing regular maintenance.


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