Did you know that a build-up of just one-twentieth of an inch of dirt on a heating or cooling coil can result in a 21% decrease in efficiency? That translates into energy bills up to 20% higher. If your heating and cooling bill is $150 a month, you could be paying about $30 a month – $360 a year more than you should!

Affordable and Complete Coverage
Villara’s Comfort Club is an affordable, comprehensive maintenance and warranty program that ensures maximum efficiency and the lowest possible utility bills.

For pennies a day, the Comfort Club provides annual maintenance, cost-free repairs, and 100% parts and labor, all with no hidden deductibles. You’ll save money and your family will be comfortable and safe.

The Comfort Club is only available to customers with Villara systems installed in their homes and who purchase coverage before their homebuilder’s warranty expires.

Comfort Club features and benefits

  • Several warranty programs – You can choose a term length that meets your needs.
  • Complete Warranty Coverage – We cover your entire system, even the ductwork and thermostat.
  • Regular Maintenance – We perform annual or semi-annual tune-ups to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency, which keeps your utility bills low and extends the life of your equipment.
  • System cleaning – For improved efficiency.
  • Cost-free repairs – You can be assured that parts and labor are 100% covered during the term of your program. All you have to do is change or clean the filter.
  • Preferred Customer Status – We commit to always offering the first available appointment to our Comfort Club customers, even in peak season!

Call Us Today
Don’t get caught without coverage. Most builders’ standard warranties end one year after move-in date. Become a Comfort Club member today. Call 916-646-2701 to find out more about the Comfort Club.

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