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When life gets busy we tend to push things off until it’s too late, up keeping your plumbing might be one of those things. But it shouldn’t be and we’re here to make it as convenient for our customers as possible Villara has been servicing the greater Sacramento area and much of the Central Valley and Bay Area for over 75 years.

We have been in business for over 75 years with good standing in our surrounding communities.

We can assist you whether you’re building a new home, having issues with your current home, or if you’re just looking to make some changes and upgrades. We deal with plumbing in all stages as well as offering annual maintenance & warranties plans so that our customers can be confident that their home has been taken care of.

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Hot water is a luxury that we thoroughly enjoy and appreciate, an almost necessity for any home. With many options to choose from let us help you find the best fit, and install it in your home so you can enjoy showers, cleaning dishes, and more with a reliable water heating source.

Back Flow is precisely what it sounds like. Sometimes the direction your water is flowing shifts and takes a new route it’s not supposed to. This change in direction can cause tainted water to return to pipes where clean water is expected. It can be caused by fluctuations or improper buildup of the pressure in your pipes. Our goal is to insure your pipes are flowing correctly and that clean water is making its way to you.

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Build up in drains is a common occurrence, even with careful monitoring of what goes down your drains they will need cleaning from time to time. This does not only apply to sinks, but also drains for your laundry room, garage, showers, and tubs, for example. If your drains are sluggish, and causing difficulty it might be time for a cleaning to get things back to normal.

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