flashcool-300x219FlashCool is a bolt-on ducted evaporative pre-cooler designed for use with new or existing HVAC condensers as an energy efficiency device, but with the bonus of adding peak cooling capacity while decreasing both peak demand and total energy consumption.

By lowering entering peak ambient air temperature by 20°-30°F or more, FlashCool can raise cooling capacity of existing equipment by over 20% depending upon the system.

FlashCool’s unique water distribution and evaporative media combination delivers very high thermal efficiency at a very low static pressure drop while avoiding scale buildup. When combined with drift eliminators, our system largely eliminates the scale formation that has plagued previous evaporative pre-coolers.

Generous utility incentives, low interest financing, Federal tax deductions, and dramatically lowered utility bills make most FlashCool applications zero down and cash flow positive their first year.

For more information, download any of the following documents:

SMUD New Technology Evaluation – FlashCool Evaporative Systems Draft Report Final Revised 3-7-2012 (PDF)

FlashCool Added Capacity (PDF)

FlashCool PreCool Downsize & Replace Case Study (PDF)

FlashCool Engineering Data Sheet (PDF)

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