commercial new constructionVillara Mechanical a Division of Villara Commercial Services now offers an affordable alternative to yearly HVAC Equipment Maintenance Service Contracts.

Have your equipment evaluated and assessed by our industry leading technicians to help determine the longevity and peak performance of your HVAC systems.

Our % to new evaluations lets you know when expensive and costly repairs may be needed before they can occur. Energy can be seriously wasted by poorly running equipment. Let designed on time maintenance program solutions, allocate resources and preventative repairs only when necessary to prolong the life of the equipment and keep the equipment running at optimum performance.

Asset budgeting from the comprehensive reports can then help spread your maintenance and repair costs over several months and even years. By having this entry level service report on file you can be confident that your equipment’s current state has been correctly assessed and you will fully understand the equipment’s life expectancy. Repair and Maintenance costs will be correctly identified, budgeted then applied to corrective action plans based on equipment needs not on a periodic basis. Don’t be caught off guard by not knowing the current state of your equipment.

Benefits of Equipment Evaluation and Assessment Reporting

  • Predictable and budgeted repair and maintenance costs
  • Prorated maintenance plans for energy efficiency and optimum performance
  • Amortized maintenance and repair costs over months and even years
  • State of mind guarantee on cost overruns and emergency repairs
  • ROI in one year from energy savings alone

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