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With the expanding research being done into alternate energy sources Solar has been vaulted to the forefront. At Villara we are committed to providing our best service to Builders, current home owners and future potential customers. Our technicians are able to assist our customers with solar options and installation for new homes and old.  We work with Builders to help avoid litigation issues and ensure your home meets the required standards.

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If you are interested in adding Solar, as an energy alternative for your home, call and talk to a customer service representative to learn more today.

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Solar Services

When speaking of solar power homes a battery storage unit allows the owner to remain unconnected from a power grid. Excess Solar energy is stored in the battery and can be used in the event of outages. Visit our Villagrid page to learn more about our Solar Battery Storage Option.

An inverter is needed to convert solar energy for use in your home. Most homes are wired for AC electricity, whole solar panels produce DC energy, and inverter is needed so that the energy from your solar source can be converted for use in your home. Our solar department is ready to help install or repair your inverter to insure your system us working as efficiently as possible.

Off grid Solar systems are convenient for anyone in areas that are less accessible for utility services. Because we rely so much on electricity to complete tasks, having a reliable source, especially when you are in an area without access is important. Off Grid Solar Systems offer a new alternative to keep your home operating properly.

Due to COVID-19 in person meetings are limited, but our team is happy to provide Virtual consultations for our home owners.

Part of the inverters job is to make sure your voltage stays consistence. If a change in voltage is detected the inverter will disconnect to protect the systems. If you are in need of assistance determining if your system is working properly let our trained professionals take a look.

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