Decades of Reliable Power

The VillaGrid energy storage system provides outstanding energy stability for an increasingly unreliable electric power grid. With Villagrid, homeowners now have the extraordinary ability to power the most demanding household loads during peak rate hours or overnight, day-after-day, with solar PV, when the grid is down.

20 Year Warranty
Energy Storage
Optimize Solar Investments

Explore the Grid

Take a quick tour of the Villgrid energy storage system. Understand the features and benefits it can have onto your monthly electric bill.


Villagrid offers peace of mind, and supports a grid-resilient lifestyle for your home or commercial business.

20 years
Safest Battery Chemistry
Highest Rebate Credits Available
Highest Lifetime Energy
The Widest Operating Temperature Range in the Industry
Best Round Trip Efficiency


VillaGrid is the longest lasting home battery with the highest power while also being the safest and most efficient battery on the market. It combines the highest lifetime usable energy with the lowest lifetime cost of ownership, and performs in the harshest environments.

Future Savings

This energy storage system will be uniquely tailored to fit each home’s differing power and energy demands. Most importantly, with VillaGrid, the homeowner will be able to seamlessly access their stored solar energy for reliable energy during unexpected or scheduled power outages.

Slide Villagrid provides energy stability for an increasingly unreliable grid, and the ability to store solar energy and consume it later during peak tariff rate periods. Energy Stability Outages Anytime Use Optimize

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