At Villara we help make the American Dream possible by installing and servicing central Heating and Cool, Plumbing, Fire Sprinklers, Solar and Home Automation systems in homes, apartments and commercial businesses. An innovation leader in our industry, we have brought to market new products and technologies which deliver value-added benefits to our customer’s business.

“Villara provides the products and services that make homes worth living in.” 

– Rick Wylie, President


The Principles That Guide Us Are:

Integrity and Honesty – All of our business activities will be performed with integrity and honesty.

Quality and Value – We are committed to providing the highest value products and services. We will meet and exceed industry standards while maintaining affordability.

Win-Win Relationships – If a deal cannot be reached that allows all parties to win, we will avoid making that deal. All parties includes the company’s customers, employees, vendors and owners. We believe that all win-win relationships are base don mutual trust, respect and accountability. 

Leadership – Our leaders strive to improve the lives, skills and opportunities of those working with them through continuous training, coaching and encouragement

Positive Workplace – We are committed to providing a positive, challenging and rewarding workplace. We encourage high-quality, high-value production that is fulfilling and enjoyable for our employees. 

Open Communication – Open and honest communication between employees, management, customers and vendors is our goal. We believe most problems can be avoided or resolved by simply discussing it.

Personal Responsibility – Personal responsibility is an essential trait that allows for an open, team-directed environment.  


The Methodology We Live By:
















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We’re Looking for the Best Talent on the Planet

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